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MODA: Inversion

On Tuesday (23rd October) at 7:00 pm, there is a monthly MathsJam gathering. It occurs simultaneously in various areas of the country, including the Castle Inn, Cambridge. I’ve heard rumours that there is a surprise party at the event for Tom Rychlik to … Continue reading

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Combinatorial cake

Forgive me if there is a slight lapse in the frequency of CP4space postings. You can attribute it to me lying in the quintuple-intersection of the following Venn diagram: This particular arrangement of ellipses partitioning the plane into 32 connected … Continue reading

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Many natural objects can be modelled by startlingly simple equations. For instance, there is a sextic surface (degree-6 polynomial equation in three variables) which resembles a heart. As such, it has been nicknamed the ‘heart surface’: Now that we’re approaching … Continue reading

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MODA: Barycentric stuff

Yes, there’s another draft chapter of MODA online. Before we get to that, however, here is a picture sent in by arguably the greatest fan of cp4space: You may remember Vishal from the games of Hackenbush he played against his adversary, … Continue reading

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It is usual, in Cambridge, to hear a plethora of bells chiming. Being within hearing range of the chapels of both Trinity and King’s college, I am greeted with clocks chiming every quarter-hour. On Sunday mornings, however, someone plays the entire full peal … Continue reading

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Spinning around

The Ready gang have been doing more experiments lately, and I ought to summarise the recent discoveries in reaction-diffusion systems. You may remember Robert Munafo’s ‘U-skate’ configuration, which propagates through space even when bombarded with radiation: Well, lately Tim Hutton and … Continue reading

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Projective polyhedra

The Platonic solids can be regarded as regular tilings of the surface of a sphere in much the same way as the square, hexagonal and triangular tilings of the plane are regular. For example, the dodecahedron is a tiling of … Continue reading

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